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Monday, April 9, 2012

Sesi Luahan Hati Hari Ini


Last week, I have posted something at my brother's wall saying that I'm wanna throw out when I read someone's post at the same wall. Well, first of all I DON'T LIKE THAT GIRL!!! She assumed that She and my brother were a sweet lovey dovey couple but when I ask my Brother, he said that THERE IS NOTHING BETWEEN THEM! And he told me that THAT GIRL WAS THE ONE WHO CRAZY OVER HIM. He also call her "BODOH"

But then, she posted in her wall saying that I'm the one who had caused their relationship ends. WTF??? She call me 'Ustazah' and posted in her wall something like "Don't need to pretend to be someone Good " and "She is such a noser (She is reffering to me)" And I just thought BODOH JUGAK PEREMPUAN NI! Bila masa pulak aku mengadu kat abang aku? Don't you know that Me and My Brother were friend at Facebook?? He can read my wall laa... Kebodohan yang pertama.

And Just now she posted something like "Don't stalk at people's page laa" And I was like Hello woman! Never heard of News Feed Huh?? All of your status were displayed there la sayangss! Don't need to Stalk your page laa.. Kebodohan yang ke-2!

Dah la tu... Don't need to call me a loser when you are also such a loser like me too... =D

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