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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I Pledge NO to Cancer


This week, UNIMAS's Faculty of Economics and Business has organize the I Pledge NO to Cancer campaign. So, as a good student and also a good housemate since Khai (or Nile nama glemer dia) is one of the FEP student we support this event.. Of Course!!

What did we do to show that we support this campaign..? Here's the picture!

First, we sign at the banner.. 

And of course some random photoshoot with the banner.. =D

Then, we make some donation. You can put as many as you can.. Asalkan ikhlas.. hehe
**Kantoi derma singgit je.. Asalkan ikhlas kan! Saya ikhlas... SERIUS!

And you will get the cancer ribbon. You can choose what colour you want..

And here Nile with her Lung Cancer Ribbon (White), Ama with her Ovarian Cancer Ribbon (Teal) and me with All Cancer Ribbon (Lavender)

And another random photoshoot.. Bajet nak ikut monkeys yang sekor tutup mata, sekor tutup telinga and sekor tutup mulut tu... But kami bukan monkeys yer!


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